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A friendly group for folk who think glaciers are fun.

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The Enjoyment of Glaciers Group is dedicated to the intellectual and aesthetic enjoyment of Glaciers by all means. It aims to provide stimulation and relaxation of a glaciological nature for its members. 

The group is open to anyone with a love of Glaciers or Glacial Environments, subject only to the requirement that they think it's more important to be nice than to be right, and more important to be right than to be famous. An appreciation of cake, beer, chocolate, good malt whiskey and pretty pictures of landscapes is also an advantage. Membership is free.

The Enjoyment of Glaciers Group is the independent, international and informal wing of its sister group,  SIMPLE.

The  Group is based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, UK, and holds meetings at venues in that area. Folk from far away who don't anticipate being able to join us for meetings may nevertheless join the group as "far away" members, and keep in touch through our e-mailing list and web-page. Members who are not far away can come along to group meetings to natter about glaciers, look at pictures, and indulge in glaciological pursuits of a diverse nature. We may one day organise field trips and  "discussion-evenings", and we will certainly sit around a lot eating and drinking,  looking at pictures, and talking about glaciers. Members will hear about meetings through the e-mail circulation list. Non-members, of course, won't.

The group is  not organised. It has a laughable figurehead with the official title "Laughable Figurehead of the Group". At present that role is held by me, the Laughable Figurehead 
(see contact details below). 

To join the group,  just tell the Laughable Figurehead that you want to be a member.

The Laughable Figurehead is: Dr. Peter G. Knight. 


The group offers grants of financial support to appropriate projects. Appropriate projects are likely to involve enjoyment, glaciers, and members of the group. To apply for a grant, contact the Laughable Figurehead. Grants are funded by the sale of Enjoyment of Glaciers merchandise and by funds raised at Enjoyment of Glaciers fundraising events. The  Grant fund currently stands at £0.00 Donations may be made directly to the Laughable Figurehead.

T-shirts and other memorabilia are available at a price.
Actually that's not really quite true, but we can arrange some if people would like.

Some of the "Entry Statements" made by new members as they joined the group:

Tad Pfeffer
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado 
" I like your philosophy re: nice/right/famous (is this a mission statement?), and the laughable structure as well. This fits in well with my contention that there's something intrinsically funny about the fact that we get paid to do the kind of work we do.... Somehow I don't get to England especially often in my professional travel, but perhaps I can offer local accomodations and activities of the kind you mention for people who make it to Boulder. Photography, hiking, climbing, skiing, music - plus some science to keep it all legitimate!"

Clare Wallett
Liverpool Hope University:
I would like to join the enjoyment of glaciers Group. I am really interested in Glaciers, and saw my first one last summer while in the alps - which was awe inspiring.
PS. I think your website is rather funny.

John W. Hall
Professor Emeritus, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA .
Halloa, Laughable Figurehead: Whilst searching hither and yon for images of glaciers and glacial landforms, I happened upon your site.  I had not known of social glaciologists before.  As a geologist/geographer/anthropologist, I know that when the sun is past the yardarm, those folk are known to cluster for a time of "attitude adjustment." Like the late Groucho Marx, I am not sure that I want to be part of an organization that would have the likes of me as a member, but you sound like a jolly group.  I like jolly groups.  All right, I hereby apply for membership (full) in the Enjoyment of Glaciers Group.  My interest is not only historic, but prehistoric, as I have traced my family line back to the Mid-Pleistocene.  I even know that that ancestor was named Neander T. Hall, and that he established a research center (location as yet unknown) somewhere in Europe (or whatever it was called in those bygone days).  It is known as The Centre for Research and Studies Into the Obscure, Weird, and Bizarre, and has branches (not always active) in London, Paris, Washington, DC and Shreveport, Louisiana. I would be pleased to communicate about divers things, including glaciers, with any and all members-- assuming that I will be elected to membership.

Gabriel Wilkinson
"I am a professional glacier guide on the Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand . I believe we have a unique guiding style as we have to our knowledge the only tour in the world that will get you "into" the ice fall . We have developed ways of reading the cravasses and cutting our way into the bottoms of them and creating tight blue ice tracks with 30-40 ft of ice wall above you.Of course this takes alot of monitoring to negate flakes and block hazards , which we do daily .I believe glaciers are simply awsome and love my job alot ..we do 6-8 hour full day hikes from the valley floor , terminal face , defiance icefall and pinnicles icefall on the Franz Josef glacier. I have many pics to share and i am on this glacier daily and would love to converse with others  that spend their lives on the living ice .

Kellie Shin 
(from Keele and Canada!)
"Hello Laughable Figurehead! I took my first glacier course this year and became facinated with these glorified ice cubes! I was randomly doing a search on glaciers (not for last minute essay research) when I happened upon your site.  I became interested in joining your group and when i read about the possibility of t-shirts, I was sold.  Hope you can include me in your group!  Kellie
ps. i think having badges would be a nice idea!"

Doug Clark and Niki Bowerman
(Western Washington University)
We both have reached the profound conclusion that glaciers are nifty, and well worth enjoying in any form.  Given the distance from the Puget Sound to Staffordshire, we’ll have to remain remote members for now, although we’d love to join a meeting to “natter about glaciers” when we next make it to your side of the Atlantic.  We’d also be more than happy to host any folks who’d like to visit our numerous glaciers out here (including our newest one, growing in the crater at Mt. St. Helens!).  I’ll second Tad P.’s comment that it’s a wonder that we get paid (in some sense) to goof around on glaciers.  The best science starts from a pure emotional enjoyment of the phenomenon.

Margaret Stewart 
(Imperial College, London)
Hello Laughable Figurehead,  I would be much privileged to become a part of your group, as I enjoy glaciers very much, and am finding that my friends and colleagues do not always share the same feelings, especially now I have absconded to a geology department....

Alan Parkinson
I would like to apply for membership of the Enjoyment of Glaciers group.
Supporting evidence:
1. At the GA Conference in Derby last week I bought a copy of your excellent book - the best book for my AS / A2 teaching I've so far seen in 17 years of teaching 'A' level Physical Geography
2. A colleague of mine, on reading your book popped into my classroom yesterday and said: "now I finally understand surges..."
3. I have referenced a large number of glacial websites on my personal website: http://www.geographypages.co.uk - this is a popular website, receiving 2000+ visitors a day (potential converts to the joys of glaciers!), and there is a dedicated section of the site covering all aspects glacial at http ://www.geographypages.co.uk/a2cold.htm
4. I live on the North Norfolk coast: an area which was moulded by glaciers: there is an Esker a few miles from my house, in addition to a glacial overflow channel and other morainic features. I would need to apply as a 'Far Away' member.
5. I am never without a bottle of single malt whisky in my cupboard - currently have a rather fine bottle of Ardbeg
6. A landmark moment in my life occurred in the pro-glacial zone of the Folgefonn glacier in Norway. We'd hitch-hiked up to the glacier on a glorious sunny day, and then set off walking back down the valley. The valley was deserted and I needed to urinate, so I started to urinate on the road as I wa
lked down... and a car came round the corner and stopped opposite me as I fumbled with my flies... and offered us a lift down to the paternoster lakes lower down... You can read more about me at http://www.geographypages.co.uk/misterp.htm
7. I am also a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society: another group dedicated to the enjoyment of a physical phenomenon.
8. I have just spent 10 minutes writing this rather than marking my students' essays....

Adrian O'Mahony:
Hello, I am interested in glaciers. They have always fascinated me and
in recent years I have learnt more about them. I am a first year
University student working towards a degree in geosciences. I found
your group while looking glacier research in Iceland, namely some of
your work in fact. I would like to join as a 'far away' member as I
live in surrey. My ambition is to be involved in glacier-related
research one day.



Corinne Williams

I am a postgraduate student studying for a MSc in Risk an Environmental Hazards at Durham University. I would love to join your group and converse with other like minded people.  I have been trying to undertake glacial research for the last 3 years and am particularly interested in research on ice steams and sticky spots. I love anything snow or ice related, especially skiing and I recently attended an avalanche avoidance course at Aviemore in Scotland - it wasn't difficult to avoid any avalanches in the Cairngorms, as unfortunately when I arrived they had had very little snow!! Oh well, better luck next year, crampons and ice axes at the ready.

Other Friends of the Group include Doug Benn of Scotland and Svalbard, Carrie Paterson of Minnesota,  Roy Wolf, who has invited us all to visit him in Cedarville, Illinois, Thaienne van Dijk of The Netherlands,and of course all the former incumbents of the late lamented SIMPLE Research Group!

Enemy of the group: the factory ship of Evil. 
Fatly bloated paranoid evil-doers from nastyland:
we don't like the sailors on that ship.


Welcome on board to Nathaniel B. Dkhar, who joins us from New Delhi, India. Nathaniel is working on Indian Himalayan Glaciers and is a most welcome addition to our group.

Doug Benn has been awarded an Enjoyment of Glaciers Grant of approximately nothing, in fact virtually nothing. Congratulations to Doug, who becomes the first member to receive such an award. We look forward to receiving his report in the fullness of time. Spend the funds wisely, Doug. Nothing can be a very valuable amount.

Welcome on board to Dr Sally Hayward, University of Southampton, Lecturer in Arctic and Alpine Geomorphology, Dr Mark Hayward A Level Geography teacher, and master Tom Hayward: our first family membership!

Welcome on board to Corinne Williams, postgraduate student studying for a MSc in Risk an Environmental Hazards at Durham University.


ZZZZzzzzzzz.... we're snoozing. Meetings will be announced by e-mail to members who seem to have any chance of getting here for it. If you are a far-away member planning to visit, let me know and we'll have a meeting in your honour!

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